About HANAKEN Business

Founded in 1997, Hanaken group is one of the leading quick service restaurant operators in Japan, running over 40 restaurant branches worldwide.. Hanaken Group takes pride in their major brands, Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara and Misoya Seibee, which are well-loved and patronized by customers here and abroad. Hanaken Group is now an emerging international QSR player and stays firmly on its goal to be a market leader in the industry not just in Japan, but also in all parts of the world to ensure high returns and continually grow together with their franchisees. With the release of their newest restaurant, Hormone Hanaken, Hanaken Group continues to spread and share the love and appreciation for authentic Japanese food.



Hanaken Group has successfully expanded to two foreign countries, and both are proud to offer both “satisfaction” and “satiety” to customers. The distinctive features of the flagship brand “Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara” is its taste that comes from the natural flavors of the meticulously prepared pork broth as the base soup and the melted super tender pork backfat that fat-lace the soup.Another flagship brand is the “Misoya Seibee” which is an original miso ramen brand that characterizes the real essence of Japanese traditional cooking. The rich taste and aroma of miso entices and satisfies the taste buds of miso ramen lovers.