Japanese standard skills and management training system


Hanaken’s education policy

In order to maintain the quality of our delectable ramen, we make sure that all of our staff abide to our company policies and share the same mission and vision with our company – provide great value to our customers. We believe that by also providing our staff high quality skills and management trainings, we will be able to realize our goals as one team. We offer a wide variety of training, from the basic operation program for shop staff to shop management program fors hop managers. With this system, all of our staff, from rank and file to managers, have chance to move up in their career ladder. In return, we expect them to provide the same authentic taste of our Ramen to all of our customers all over the world.

Why Hanaken emphasize the importance of education?

Hanaken believes that the success of its ramen business depends on the team work of excellent employees. Therefore, Hanaken Group is eager give its full support to maximize their staff’s ability by providing a comfortable working environment to everyone. Which will eventually lead to providing the customers more than what they paid for.
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