Ramen – Japan’s Soul Food

Ramen is considered as Japan’s soul food dating back 400 years. The spread of ramen to the rest of Japan started during the 20th century when expatriate Japanese from mainland China sold Ramen at food stalls in Yokohama’s Chinatown.

During those days, Chuka Soba became popular. Chuka Soba is Chinese lamian (pulled noodles) adapted to suit the Japanese preference. This became widely popular due to its taste, reasonable price and quick service.

In the 1950s, Chuka Soba has flourished and enjoyed by everyone. Ramen therefore is inspired from the cooking techniques of Chuka Soba. Eventually, different Ramen varieties were made available in different parts of the country using locally available ingredients.

Our Brands

  • 東京豚骨拉麺ばんから
    Tokyo tonkotsu ramen “BANKARA” is a combination of two different types of soup; thick and rich taste of pork soup mixed with specially blended soy sauce ramen and creamy taste of pure pork broth ramen which is used as base.
  • 味噌屋せいべえ
    Misoya “SEIBEE” uses a seasoning which is greatly loved by Japanese as base mixed with thick soup that is made from kneaded bean paste added with our traditional sauce.

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